Your Twitter Followers on a World Map

by Jim Spencer on December 2, 2011

I was curious how many of my Twitter followers were from Canada. Searching Google the top ranked result was¬† But it was slow to load and didn’t provide numbers for each country.

I later found Not only does it show a world map of my followers around the globe, it also provides a some statistics.

The List View, which you see in the image below, presents a percentage of followers for each country.  Clicking on Map View removes the list and reveals the entire map of my Twitter followers across the globe.

You can also have the map or the list show you State/Province or City percentage of followers.

As with other common mapping providers you can zoom and and out for the perfect view.

Click to see a larger of of TweepsMap

What is your favorite tool to show your twitter followers on a world map of the earth? (You have followers that are not on earth?) Haha

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