Unfollow Twitter Followers Not Worth Following

by Jim Spencer on December 20, 2011

Unfollowing Twitter users that you once followed is not as easy as it should be, especially if you follow thousands. Unfortunately, the Twitter terms of service do not allow for bulk unfollow buttons.   It used to be that Twitter Karma was the reigning champion of sites to visit to choose Twitter Followers to unFollow.  But, the Twitter TOS killed the value of that site. I quickly looked a few new sites like

  1. http://iunfollow.com/
  2. http://www.justunfollow.com
  3. http://untweeps.com

However, I settled on http://manageflitter.com as the best free service to unfollow unwanted Twitter friends.

Unfollowers Created Here

ManageFlitter has great benefits.

  1. It will handle my follower count which is over 6,000. Many tools can’t or they display 30 on a page.
  2. I can unfollow those with no avatar
  3. I can unfollow those with no tweets
  4. I can unfollow those who do not follow me. (that one seems a bit silly)

My favorite is to let it show me the folks that have not tweeted recently. I can methodically pick through the list leaving all of my good friends who never tweet and removing people I don’t know who also never tweet.

Once the results are up on the page, all those people you want to unfollow can be sorted by;

  1. Follow Date
  2. Followers (count)
  3. Following (count)
  4. Listed (how many lists are they on)
  5. Tweets
  6. Username
  7. Last Tweet (that’s my favorite one)

When you see someone hasn’t tweeted in months or years it is a good bet they have a new account or left Twitter.

One of the side effects of removing followers is that it seems to benefit the ratios that the services like Klout and similar services look at.

So, if you need to unfollow some twitter followers this is the best free tool that I have found.

Do you have a favorite way to unfollow on Twitter?

Let us all know in the comments.

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