Quick Twitter Command Line Tricks

by Jim Spencer on December 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Twitter continues to evolve and add new features and new buttons.  Third party applications add them as well.  There have been times for me when a command line Twitter shortcut is much faster and works when other interfaces do not.

As a former Unix admin I have a natural love of the command line. Below are three choice command line commands out of many that you might also find handy to know.

Warning; Not all third party apps are programmed to provide the feedback message or answer to these commands, but they do send the command to Twitter for processing.

How to Quickly Follow Someone on Twitter in Any Application

Problem: Sometimes I click the follow button on my Twitter home page and nothing happens or the progres wheel just keeps spinning without following and updating the page. (Due to 85+ tabs open in Firefox)

Problem: You are using a new twitter application, maybe a new mobile app, and you need to quickly follow someone, but don’t see how.

Solution: In the message box type;

F UserName

You will then see a confirmation message indicating that you are now following that person or that you already do if you are on Twitter.com.  This command works on twitter.com and in Seesmic buy your mileage may vary on other third party applications.

How to Quickly Favorite a Tweet

Problem: You want to Favorite a Tweet really fast.

Solution: In the message box type;

FAV UserName

This will only Favorite the person’s latest tweet. The command is not case sensitive.

How to Quickly See Twitter Profile Details

Problem: You need to quickly see Twitter Bio information

Solution: In the message box type;

WHOIS UserName

Capitalizing all letters works too.  Many third party applications will not support this command because they have no way to present the information, but it works on your Twitter.com page.

Twitter Profile Information Provided includes;

  1. Account holder’s Name, usually your first and last name
  2. Month and Year that the Twitter account was created
  3. Twitter Bio description, usually a description of your and what you like
  4. Twitter Location, usually a city
  5. The URL you entered in your Bio, usually your blog or website

Here is a screen shot of  whois fairminder

Twitter Command Line Whois Information

Twitter Command Line Whois Information Displays Across the Top

Follow, Favorite and WhoIs

F UserName

FAV UserName

WHOIS UserName

Did you know these and many others exist?  Do you use any command line commands on a regular basis? Leave your comments below.  For a full list of commands visit Twitter.com forums and then come on back and share a comment.

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