ConversationaLIST Twitter Application

December 21, 2009

Twitter Lists continue to add interest to the Twitter experience.  Recently I found myself on a couple of people’s lists with the same name. The list was named Conversationalist. I thought, hmmm.  Am I really that conversational with that person? Some time later I discovered that there is an application, named Conversationalist, that has been […]

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TweetChat – Follow Hashtag Twitter Conversations

December 19, 2009

TweetChat The users of Twitter invented the # hashtag nomenclature. The TweetChat tool provides a Chat Room where only tweets about a given hashtag are seen.  This keeps your main twitter stream out of view. Any Tweet created in the chat room will have the #hashtag added to it automatically.  For example, type in “chocolate […]

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Secret Tweets Are Anonymous

December 16, 2009

Secret Tweet Have you ever wanted to tweet something with-out anyone knowing it was you? Here is the place to do it. Reading Secret Tweets Reading Secret Tweets can be depressing or even frustrating if you see a tweet that you really wish you could contact that person and say something to them. This could […]

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Quick Twitter Command Line Tricks

December 10, 2009

Twitter continues to evolve and add new features and new buttons.  Third party applications add them as well.  There have been times for me when a command line Twitter shortcut is much faster and works when other interfaces do not. As a former Unix admin I have a natural love of the command line. Below […]

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Compare Two Twitter Accounts

December 4, 2009

Once you cross the abyss to managing more than one Twitter account, questions arise.  One concern may be the number of Twitterers that are following both accounts.  You may not want to hit most followers with the same tweets coming from two different accounts. The following two Twitter Apps help you see the level of […]

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Does He Follow Me on Twitter?

December 3, 2009

Ever want to know quickly if someone is following you?  I sometimes do.  Here is a quick, single use Twitter App to answer that question. Does Follow There are lots of other ways to get this information. You could; Review your Follower List Try to DM them. If it fails, they are not following you […]

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World’s First Street Name Derived from a Twitter Account Name

December 2, 2009

The Next Web has identified what it believes to be the first street named after a Twitter account name. The story involves a temporary refugee camp in Palestine selling street names to raise funds for after-school programs.  The first buyer was from Holland. Do you know of any other streets named after Twitter accounts? What […]

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Twitter: Find Your First Followings and Follower

December 1, 2009

Two Twitter tools help you find out who followed you first on Twitter and the first 10 people that you followed. Your Twitter account is absolutely useless when you open it.  The sooner you follow others and they follow you, the sooner Twitter starts to make sense.  After a few years you may ask yourself, […]

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When Did You Join / How Long Have You Been on Twitter?

November 30, 2009

I have discovered two services that allow you to remember when you or anyone else joined Twitter.  So, now you don’t have to remember.  As is customary here at Tweet Advisor the first listing is the favorite.  Here is why; When Did You Join Twitter? The Twitter logo makes you feel at home (although I […]

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Twitterers are Translating Twitter

November 27, 2009

I just learned that Twitter is currently crowd sourcing the the translation of the Twitter website into German and  Italian by Twitter users. Here is a link to the full explanation – The more you translate the higher level badge you can earn. The Levels go from one to ten and look like this. […]

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