New Twitter, but no RT

by Jim Spencer on September 29, 2010

The user interface for twitter is new in September, 2010. A few initial reactions.

The New Twitter

  1. It is missing the classic user generated RT messages on the @ Mentions tab.
  2. Allows you to scroll down the page forever. That is kind of fun.
  3. Is much wider. 1040 pixels wide now.
  4. Favorites: Now available in the sidebar of Home and in the main column of Profile.
  5. Is not intuitive and takes time and effort to learn how to use.
  6. I think that the new Retweets tab should automatically display Your Tweets, Retweeted, instead of everyone else’s.
  7. Wouldn’t it be grand if there were notifications of new DMs and @ Replies?

What do you think of the new Twitter user interface? Late last night a few folks agreed with the cry for the missing RT in the @ Mentions tab.

People want their RT recognized.

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