How to Follow Your Followers

by Jim Spencer on November 24, 2009 · 3 comments

There is more than one way to follow back people that follow you on Twitter.


The interface makes it very easy to review your followers, select the ones that want to follow and follow them all with one click of the mouse.

Refollow Home Page

Refollow - click to visit Refollow

You can also sort, tag, lock, filter group, unfollow and more. ReFollow has a very simple interface, it is easy to use, quick and effective. This is my number one choice at the moment.

Friend or Follow

Lovely use of color in the design.  However the user interface design requires a bit more thinking of the user to get the desired results.  Unfortunately, the friend, follower, fan terminology is not always intuitive, although well defined.

Friend or Follow - Click to visit

Friend or Follow - Click to visit

The Twitter information provided by Friend or Follow on hover is not as complete as ReFollow.  I also found it a bit slower in retrieving my 4k friends and followers.  Friend or Follow is often recommended, but ReFollow has more to offer.

My Tweeple

My Twitter buddy Shannon created this tool long before there was any competition.  He is keen on security and once you get logged in has all of the major functionality you would expect.

My Tweeple - Click to Visit

My Tweeple - Click to Visit

My Tweeple uses a clear set of icons to show mutual following and one sided following and provides complete account information without hovering.


ReFollow is currently my first choice.  Of course you can always click on the link of your follower notification email from Twitter, but it seems more and more people are turning those off and using tools like these.

Which tools do you use to manage your Twitter followers effectively? Leave a note in the comments below. Thanks.

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1 fairminder December 4, 2009 at 5:47 pm

I just used this nifty tool to catch up on following my followers in less than a minute.

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2 Suthnautr December 4, 2009 at 6:14 pm

Hello Jim,

ReFollow seems like a great way to follow back a lot of people – I’ll have to check it out so I can recommend it to my own clients now using Twitter. I love the Friend Or Follow site tool. Sometimes we are simply following boatloads of people no longer using Twitter, and sometimes former followers have unfollowed for some reason and there’s no dialogue going on so all we get is their tweets. What I do with those who have stopped following me is put them into a private group I created called “no-follow-back” and then I unfollow them. It’s not that their tweets aren’t valuable to me, it’s just that I would like to keep them separated from my timeline’s Twitter feed so I can keep up with the people I actually do have occasional dialogues with. I want to give 90% of my attention to the 10% of people on Twitter who give me the most social currency, and just 10% on the 90% who don’t.

Thanks for the heads up on FollowBack.

3 Jim Spencer December 5, 2009 at 12:55 am

ReFollow is the most valuable and well designed Twitter tool that I seek out to use over and over. I find the user interface to be more intuitive and more effective for my purposes compared to any other tool. It makes quick work of reviewing and then following people that have recently followed me. This is especially helpful when you are running more than one account, as I am, and use the web interface a lot, as I do. This allows me to dodge logging in and out to switch accounts and follow after each new follower email arrives. Now I follow back in bulk.

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