Twitter: Find Your First Followings and Follower

by Jim Spencer on December 1, 2009 · 0 comments

Two Twitter tools help you find out who followed you first on Twitter and the first 10 people that you followed.

Your Twitter account is absolutely useless when you open it.  The sooner you follow others and they follow you, the sooner Twitter starts to make sense.  After a few years you may ask yourself, “How did I get here?” (to quote David Byrne of the Talking Heads).  We can help answer that question with a couple of nifty applications.

Who Did You Follow First?

Read the caveats on this one. It will show you the first TEN twitter accounts that you followed, but only the ones that you still follow today. But, hey that is still pretty cool.

Your First Follow - Click to visit

The First Tweeps that You Followed - Click to visit

Who Followed You First?

The first person that followed you, right there on a silver platter for you. I wish that it showed ten results. The tweet this now option usually needs rewriting, so take a close look before you click.

Your First Follower - Click to Visit

Your First Follower - Click to Visit


Now what? You just killed 15 minutes gathering useless information.  Well, you could thank those early Twitter partners for helping you along to where you are today.  Re-tweet them. List them on a #followfriday.  DM them a message of thanks. Heck you could even call them and use this useless trivia as an excuse to say Hello.

Are you still in touch with whoever followed your first?

Are you still following the folks you first followed?

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