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by Jim Spencer on December 4, 2009 · 0 comments

Once you cross the abyss to managing more than one Twitter account, questions arise.  One concern may be the number of Twitterers that are following both accounts.  You may not want to hit most followers with the same tweets coming from two different accounts. The following two Twitter Apps help you see the level of account overlap between  Twitter accounts.

Both sites have appealing designs that include a Twitter bird and Twitter colors.

For the sake of clarity the examples use my two accounts, fairminder and BlogWranglers.


The website offers the following text by way of an introduction or explanation;

“A new follower? Should you follow back? Find out if you have common followings with them, and which people you follow that follow them…”

This site shows the people that @fairminder and @Blogwranglers both follow
This site shows the people @fairminder follows that follow @BlogWranglers

(This last capability is where TWTRFRND and Who Follows Whom are not the same)

Common = The 35 people that both @fairminder and @Blogwranglers follow
Indicators  = The 25 people @fairminder follows that follow @blogwranglers

A few observations

  1. The explanation on this website was more clear in explaining what I am looking at
  2. The two column layout was great, until it came to presenting the avatars and it switched to one column
  3. Introducing Common and Indicator, two new vocabulary words to the Lexicon of Twitter, did not add clarity for me. I am still thinking about what an Indicator means.
  4. The sentence descriptions above each group of avatars is invaluable

Twitter Friends - Click to visit

Twitter Friends - Click to visit

Who Follows Whom?

The website offers the following text by way of an introduction or explanation;

Pick up to 5 tweeters to see who they follow and are followed by in common

  1. This site shows the people that @fairminder and @BlogWranglers both follow
  2. This site shows the people that follow both @fairminder and BlogWranglers
  3. They are both followed by  35 Twitter users in common
  4. They are both following 31  Twitter users in common

A few observations;

  1. This site offers to compare up to five accounts, not just two
  2. The explanation of what you are seeing is less clear
  3. Provides less mouse-over information about each account
  4. Includes advertising and it is attractive

Who Follows Whom

Who Follows Whom - Click to visit


These tools are not identical, except they will both show a list of people that both accounts follow.  I find TWTRFRND a little clearer to understand.  Who Follows Whom has the advantage of comparing up to five accounts.

What are other potential uses for these tools?

Do you know of other tools that provide a similar services?

Please leave a comment below.

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