by Jim Spencer on May 18, 2012

I recently ran across and was very impressed with the Twitter follower information that it can provide. If you want to know who you followers are, have a look at

Twitter Follower analysis includes demographic information like age, race, religion, marital status and parenthood. Information can be presented geographically by country, state, even city and town.

Profile information includes Twitter influence, activity, attention and categories and accounts followed. Information on professions, whether they are working, student, retired or unemployed and where they eat, shop and buy clothes, products or services that they use. uses fuzzy set theory and probabilistic logic to make deductions to provide the data that is not avaliable from Twitter. This information is considered to be 95% accurate.

Use’s profiling technology to connect with your audience.

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Unfollow Twitter Followers Not Worth Following

by Jim Spencer on December 20, 2011

Unfollowing Twitter users that you once followed is not as easy as it should be, especially if you follow thousands. Unfortunately, the Twitter terms of service do not allow for bulk unfollow buttons.   It used to be that Twitter Karma was the reigning champion of sites to visit to choose Twitter Followers to unFollow.  But, the Twitter TOS killed the value of that site. I quickly looked a few new sites like


However, I settled on as the best free service to unfollow unwanted Twitter friends.

Unfollowers Created Here

ManageFlitter has great benefits.

  1. It will handle my follower count which is over 6,000. Many tools can’t or they display 30 on a page.
  2. I can unfollow those with no avatar
  3. I can unfollow those with no tweets
  4. I can unfollow those who do not follow me. (that one seems a bit silly)

My favorite is to let it show me the folks that have not tweeted recently. I can methodically pick through the list leaving all of my good friends who never tweet and removing people I don’t know who also never tweet.

Once the results are up on the page, all those people you want to unfollow can be sorted by;

  1. Follow Date
  2. Followers (count)
  3. Following (count)
  4. Listed (how many lists are they on)
  5. Tweets
  6. Username
  7. Last Tweet (that’s my favorite one)

When you see someone hasn’t tweeted in months or years it is a good bet they have a new account or left Twitter.

One of the side effects of removing followers is that it seems to benefit the ratios that the services like Klout and similar services look at.

So, if you need to unfollow some twitter followers this is the best free tool that I have found.

Do you have a favorite way to unfollow on Twitter?

Let us all know in the comments.

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Your Twitter Followers on a World Map

by Jim Spencer on December 2, 2011

I was curious how many of my Twitter followers were from Canada. Searching Google the top ranked result was But it was slow to load and didn’t provide numbers for each country.

I later found Not only does it show a world map of my followers around the globe, it also provides a some statistics.

The List View, which you see in the image below, presents a percentage of followers for each country.  Clicking on Map View removes the list and reveals the entire map of my Twitter followers across the globe.

You can also have the map or the list show you State/Province or City percentage of followers.

As with other common mapping providers you can zoom and and out for the perfect view.

Click to see a larger of of TweepsMap

What is your favorite tool to show your twitter followers on a world map of the earth? (You have followers that are not on earth?) Haha

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Send Twitter a Help Message

by Jim Spencer on October 30, 2010

If Twitter is broken and you want to contact Twitter here is how to get help.

Visit and fill out the simple form to get help with Twitter.

It is probably a good idea to first review the Twitter Help Center and search for your issue.  I found my issue ( no emails being sent for DM’s and new followers ) and was able to include that as a reference in my form submission.

Twitter Help Center

Twitter Help Center

They seem like a pretty friendly group and quite helpful. I hope your Twitter issues are solved quick as a tweet.

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When is the Best Time to Tweet?

October 22, 2010

When to tweet shows you the best time to tweet based on when your followers tweet. Here is the home page. After you enter your Twitter name the screen adds a paragraph below the text box asking you to Refresh so that you can visit the Results page.  It would be awesome if this […]

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New Twitter, but no RT

September 29, 2010

The user interface for twitter is new in September, 2010. A few initial reactions. It is missing the classic user generated RT messages on the @ Mentions tab. Allows you to scroll down the page forever. That is kind of fun. Is much wider. 1040 pixels wide now. Favorites: Now available in the sidebar of […]

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Search Twitter Follower Profile Bios

August 12, 2010

When you are planning a trip to a new city you might want to review your Twitter followers to see a list of your Twitter friends in that city.  Here is the tool for you. TweetSearch allows you to search the Bio information of your friends and followers on Twitter. Here is the Home page […]

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Are You Tweeting with CEOs?

June 10, 2010

I received a Tweet informing me that I was Tweeted by six CEOs.  This caught my attention because I had never thought about which folks are CEOs. I replied to the tweet suggesting that it might be possible that not all of the folks on my list are actually CEOs.  The reply informed me that […]

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Search Google for Twitter Info

April 8, 2010

Use Google to search using the Google intitle: command to find useful information. Use Google to Search for specific Twitter user names intitle:”jim* * on twitter” intitle:”jim spencer * on twitter” Use Google to Search for words in Twitter the Bio of Twitter Profiles intitle:”on twitter” “bio* * Drupal, SEO, PPC […]

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Alpha of TweetBoard is Avaliable

March 20, 2010

I just ran across and thought you might want to know about this site and request an invite. TweetBoard will pull in your Twitter stream onto your website or blog in near real time. The kicker is that threads conversations.  This provides a real focus on the conversation instead of a one-sided Tweet stream. […]

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